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 Aika's life

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Aika Sasaki


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PostSubject: Aika's life   Sat May 19, 2012 11:45 pm

Name: Aika meaning: Love Song

Nickname: None

Age: 14

Weight: 83.5 lbs

Height: 5' 5'' Inches: 64

Alignment: None yet

Race: Japanese/American

Sexuality: Girl

Family: Only child in family father died in a fire Mom is still alive but is away somewhere else

Relationships: None

Appearance: Long blonde hair reaches waist, black highlights, dresses in a tank/shirt with jeans and flip flops. Eyes are black one is red from the fire that she remembers. Skin is almost pale but a lightly tan.

Personality: Is very nice but shy because she never really has anyone to talk to. Can be mean when she wants to. Stands up for all her friends no matter what trouble they are in.

Voice: Has a medium voice but she can reach high notes like Hatsune Miku

Genre: Pop and rock

Goals: Trying to be/sound like a vocaloid and meet my mother.

History: Aika had a very terrible child life. Knowing the fact that her father died in a fire and her mom ran away she almost died when she was 5. Then Ren found her when she was 5 and a half. He started raising her. When Aika found out about vocaloids she wanted to be one her self so she tries to be a vocaloid by singing every single day.
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Aika's life
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