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 Murasaki Misuto

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PostSubject: Murasaki Misuto   Mon May 28, 2012 6:48 pm

Radiance Of Fabricated Hope....

Name: Murasaki Misuto (紫, ミスト)

Alias/Nickname: Purple Mist
Age: 14, 11/24/97
Weight: 86 pounds
Height: 5'4

Alignment: 0
Race: Japanese-Caucasian
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Family: Unknown
Relationship(s): None

Elaborate Barriers Unfolded...

Murasaki has white hair down almost downed to shoulders. He has red feminine eyes with feminine eye brows. His usual outfit is a black/grey collared shirt with a purple tie. He wears black pants, and a purple leather type of chain, also wearing white shoes with a purple bottom to it.

Personality: Murasaki is a shy yet courageous type of character. He often is shy around girls and a scared of taller boys. He is a runt of the bunch, but is a soft and kind person. Although he is small he has a big heart, he cares for others lives more then his own. He often gets bullied a lot but doesn't let that get to him. He tries to stand strong, sadly that sometimes doesn't work he can be a little emotional at some points…by that he takes things to heart, but beside his flaws he has a nice and kind attitude.

Voice: Murasaki has a soft pitched voice almost sounding like a girl , but hates when he is called that or is said to sound like one.

Genre: Light Rock, Pop, J-Pop

Goals: Live life to your fullest

Proceed Foward In Reverse...

History: There is not that much known of Murasaki's past, this is mostly because he is too shy to talk about it all. The only thing I can really say is that his mother was japanese and his father was american, but he didn't really get to know them because he was taken in by a nearby land lord who let him stay with him til' the age of 6. Which he was then aloud to have his own room in the apartment making him grow independent at a very young age, sadly because of this he isn't very social…you can almost say anti-social.
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Murasaki Misuto
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