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 Akihiko Kenji

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Akihiko Kenji

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PostSubject: Akihiko Kenji   Tue May 29, 2012 9:37 pm

Radiance Of Fabricated Hope....

Name: Akihiko Kenji
Alias/Nickname: Aky
Age: 15 and a half
Weight: 110
Height: 5'8

Alignment: 0
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Family: Unknown
Relationship(s): None

Elaborate Barriers Unfolded...


Akihiko Kenji has light green hair that is quite average height going to the top of his neck. He has quite bad eye sight making him have to wear his black glasses that somehow makes him look more cool then nerdy. He has brown eyes farely male looking eyes and green eyebrows, showing that he is naturally green haired which is very strange and rare. He often wears a white collared shirt and rarely a brown jacket. He also wears dark blue jeans appearing black at night.

Personality: Akihiko is a outgoing type of teenager who is very spunky. Yet he is very frighten and shy on the stage meaning he has a lot of stage fright. Although he has a lot of stage fright he tends to try to work on it but usually fails.

Voice: Akihiko has a low pitched voice having a European accent, because of this he sings quite hollow

Genre: Rock, and Pop

Goals: To be the best he can be.

Proceed Foward In Reverse...

History: Most of history is unknown due to the fact he tends to black out and loose most of his memory.
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Akihiko Kenji
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