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 Doku Hana

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Doku Hana

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PostSubject: Doku Hana    Thu May 31, 2012 6:45 pm

Radiance Of Fabricated Hope....

Name: Doku Hana
Alias/Nickname: Poison Flower
Age: 14
Weight: 82
Height: 5'4

Race: Japanese-Caucasian
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Family: Unknown
Relationship(s): Unknown

Elaborate Barriers Unfolded...


Doku has light green hair that gets lighter as it goes down. Her hair goes to her shoulders but has long flappy sideburns. She has blue eyes that seem strong and show that she doesn't take anyone business. She often wears a red jacket that is a little too big for her and a red and black checkered scarf that has yellow lines going through it every so often. She also wears grey skinny jeans with a black belt and red sneakers that look like the brand Vans.

Personality: Doku Hana name explains it all. She is a poisonous flower. She looks like a innocent flower but once you mess with this flower it shows you its poison. She often bullies others trying to hide her trueself. Although she has some friends she likes to look like the dominate one in the friendship showing that she is the strongest by fighting others. She usually caries around with her a green spray paint can and a lighter to make green fire by spraying and lighting the lighter at once to "Show her colors" Although she has a sensitive side she usually doesn't show it.
Voice: Doku has a flat voice meaning that her voice blends in with the music she sings, which is usually light punk rock. Her voice is a medium to a high pitched voice when singing which makes her perfect to sing her genres.

Genre: Light Punk Rock, Pop

Goals: Live life to the fullest

Proceed Foward In Reverse...

History: Doku Hana pretty much raised herself. She has always been alone due to the fact that she didn't have parents. her parents left her at a very young age by herself only leaving her a house, but she didn't let that get to her. She raised herself to the rebel that she is today. Although she used to be a sensitive girl she trained this out of her to make her be able to survive on her own by getting a job at a very early age and pity thievery.
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Doku Hana
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